Who we are

Heartland Alliance LTD/GTE (HALG) is a fully registered indigenous non-profit organization with an international affiliation to Heartland Alliance International (HAI) in Chicago. HAI is the largest Human right organization in the US that has been implementing a diverse human right program since 1888.

HALG is committed to a society where all marginalized and other vulnerable groups have equal opportunity to access comprehensive health care, social and economic justices in a rights-based environment by engaging stakeholders to achieve an all-inclusive Nigeria.

Our values are


We remain committed to protecting the rights of marginalized and vulnerable populations. We pride in our efforts to adhere to best-practices in the services that we provide.


We strive to get the work done with as little efforts and resources. Our strength is rooted in years of experience delivering quality care with minimum resources, though yielding exceptional results.


We are open to learning and generous in sharing ideas. We are sincerely committed to buidling the capacity of grass-root KP organizations to become self-reliant ans sustainable.


We serve as stewards to the communities where we work. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethical practices and integrity.


We revere when people work collectively to produce great results. We understand that our efforts can be more impactful when we share our resources and expertise as groups.


We are always evolving with newer ways of getting the job done. We lead for others to follow.

Duty of care

We acknowledge that our staff and participants deserve to be safe within the environment where they work or access services. We strive to protect the interest, identity and confidentiality of the people that we work with.

Respect for diversity

We believe that people of different culture, religion, gender and sexual orientation deserve freedom to express and practice their beliefs. We do not discriminate against race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, physical abilities, religious beliefs, political beliefs, or other ideologies.


We believe in upholding the rights of the downtrodden. Our advocate for fairness in responding to human rights violations precedes us.