KP Care 1

The Key Populations Community HIV Services Action and Response (KP-CARE 1) is a 5-year (2019-2024) cooperative agreement being implemented by Heartland Alliance LTD/GTE to address the critical barriers to access that key populations face every day in Nigeria by increasing demand and access to comprehensive HIV prevention, treatment, and care services, and interventions for KPs by expanding the One-Stop-Shop strategy, developing tailored, context-specific and, innovative social behavior change communication (SBCC) approaches for all program elements.

The project’s goal is to reduce HIV incidence, morbidity and mortality among KPs as well as their sexual partners and children by increasing their access to and success in HIV prevention, diagnosis and, treatment by addressing the biological, social and structural drivers of the epidemic using human rights principles and sustainable, peer-led approaches.

Activities and services are currently focused in 59 USAID-delineated LGAs across the three states of implementation:

  • Thirty-one (31) LGAs in Akwa Ibom
  • Eighteen (18) LGAs in Cross River and
  • Ten (10) LGAs in Lagos

Project sites are divided into Zones to deepen coverage, escalate granular implementation, and provide better output.