CEO’s Welcome Note

CEO’s Welcome Note:

Hello, I am Bartholomew Ochonye and it is with great pleasure that I welcome you to Heartland Alliance LTD/GTE’s intranet page.

At Heartland Alliance, we integrate the protection of the rights of marginalized people and communities into the provision of comprehensive HIV prevention and treatment services by building strong partnerships based on trust and ensuring discretion by finding innovative ways and evidence-based strategies to provide value.

Through a clear vision we have established our organization as a global leader in identifying and reaching Key Populations (KPs) with human rights-based HIV prevention and testing services, linking them to treatment, retaining them in care and sustaining viral load suppression.

In addition to these services, we also implement  sexual and reproductive health and rights program for vulnerable women and girls through  an inclusive, intersectional human rights and movement-building approach reaching over 10,000 marginalized women and girls with reproductive health information and commodities for improved quality of life.

We also have extensive global experience in preventing and responding to human trafficking, and we adopt innovative and victim-centered approaches that effectively strengthen local stakeholders’ ability to prevent and respond to trafficking, particularly in conflict-affected settings and humanitarian emergencies. Our programs protect and empower survivors of trafficking and ensure they receive the care and resources required to restore wellbeing, achieve self-sufficiency, and reduce their vulnerability to re-trafficking.

Through strategic partnerships with government agencies, security agencies, religious organizations, traditional institutions, and community-based organizations, we have engaged in successful campaigns to strengthen national legislation and social services to prevent trafficking, protect survivors, and prosecute perpetrators.

Finally, we have a tradition of building local community structures to facilitate ownership and sustainability of development programs. Organizations led by the vulnerable and marginalized persons grow to represent the community at national, international, and regional levels in the last 11 years of our program in Nigeria.  These structures are robust enough to accommodate a variety of development programs including livelihood, health, research, policy advocacy, and financial management.

I am proud of the work we do at HALG, and our success has been achieved through progressive thinking and creativity exhibited by our team of professionals across Nigeria who diligently and  painstakingly adhere to the highest standards in service delivery.

I welcome you once again to our page, do explore, and learn all about our services. We also appreciate feedback so feel free to provide feedback to us through


Bartholomew Ochonye,